What is Cricut? How to Make Money from Cricut?

Do you have a Cricut machine hanging around the house that you might use to make crafts and other things? Or do you intend to purchase a Cricut crafting device for your home and workplace?

You are prepared to earn some extra cash if you can affirmatively answer any of these questions. In fact, using a Cricut crafting device to complete Cricut projects might bring in a lot of cash.

If you’re new and have no idea what a Cricut crafting device is, keep reading because I’ll explain it to you.

What is a Cricut Machine?

In the USA, Cricut is considered to be the best cutting machine brand. They can cut a variety of materials and are incredibly accurate. Cloth, cardboard, Styrofoam, felt, and canvas for arts and crafts projects are a few of the often used materials that may be easily cut using a Cricut machine.

In fact, the most recent Cricut crafting machines can be quickly and simply connected to a computer or even a smartphone via Bluetooth and used to cut a design precisely in the same way that a designer or you would have cut it.

This function is useful if you want to turn a computer-generated craft or pattern for clothing into a finished product.

On websites like Amazon, a decent Cricut machine often costs $170 and above. On eBay and Craigslist, you can get less expensive models, even though they are used or older models, for as little as $100.

How to make money with the Cricut machine?

There is definitely work involved in earning money using Cricut. Your inventiveness, though, is what really important. That implies that you ought to be able to create wonderful, exclusive layouts for your crafts that are uncommon and nobody else has.

However, make sure to check the copyrights before using any images from Adobe or other sources. Follow these easy steps if you want to use Cricut to earn the greatest money.

1. Choose Your Products to Make on the Cricut Machine

Choose the products you want to use your Cricut to create and sell. Actually, there are a lot of things you can create. Since certain items are seasonal and others have lower demand, it is not really viable to manufacture everything with a Cricut. So, here is my list of popular items that you can make with a Cricut machine.

  • Personalized kerchiefs, napkins, mittens, and scarves
  • Baby Clothing
  • Infant quilts
  • Crafts and origami paper flowers
  • Decorative designs
  • Cards and envelopes for greetings
  • Personalized stationery for special occasions
  • Wall décor and handmade items
  • Ink coasters
  • Leather wallets and purses
  • Signboards and lanterns
  • Leather ornaments

These are the best-selling items that never go out of style. Using a Cricut machine, you can also create seasonal items like greeting cards, huge flowers, Christmas lanterns and tree ornaments, and more.

Here, it’s important to keep in mind that Cricut has a variety of machines. Only certain types of material can be cut using these devices.

However, Cricut also offers creative tools that can work with a variety of materials. Find out if your Cricut can handle the required material for cutting before you start to create these items.

2. Identify Marketplaces to Sell Cricut Products

Finding a place to sell the crafts you make with a Cricut is obviously the next best course of action. Actually, there are numerous ways and routes. I’ll discuss a few of the best online marketplaces for selling crafts done with a Cricut.


Since Amazon is the single-largest retailer and offers several advantages to artisans, Amazon Handmade is the finest place to sell. To sell your Cricut products, create an Amazon Handmade account as a craftsperson. It’s unpaid.


Launch your own online store there. Depending on the level you select, such a marketplace may cost you $19.99 per month or more. People who enjoy handmade items and upscale goods do, however, shop on Etsy.


Take into account starting a Shopify marketplace. Depending on the level you select, this will cost you $15.99 every month. If you sell Cricut things that don’t actually count as exclusives, Shopify is fantastic.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook gives a marketplace for free if you don’t want to spend money purchasing one online. On your Facebook mobile app, click the home icon to bring up the market. Upload images and write engaging descriptions for your Cricut products. Include the cost of shipping as well.


The venerable eBay is a great venue to sell crafts made with a Cricut online. You must also sign up for a free seller’s account, which is necessary. Post-top-notch images, a compelling description, and pricing that includes or excludes delivery costs. Many individuals only use eBay, which has a section specifically for one-of-a-kind items and handcrafted items.

The delivery fees and return policies are crucial components of online sales. If the item is returned for any reason, you might have to substitute something similar if you’re not going to accept the item back. If you don’t, you run the danger of losing both the buyer’s and the seller’s accounts.

Calculate your domestic shipping costs as well. The United States Postal Service often offers the most affordable shipping costs. However, you can also examine other shippers.

Let’s now discuss how to earn the maximum money possible in various contexts.

3. Focus on Material Quality


No matter how excellent your designs are, the only way to make sure you have a lot of consumers is to offer high-quality Cricut products. This entails purchasing the top raw materials that are offered in your city or, if necessary, online.

Quality obviously has a cost. The good news is that you can increase your prices for clients by taking advantage of the premium raw materials you employ.

Buyers of homemade goods are typically not overly picky about pricing. They don’t mind spending higher money on your Cricut products if they’re getting a great design and high-quality item.

4. Try to Cut Costs

Saving money is equally crucial when purchasing high-quality raw materials. There are basically two methods to do it. The first is purchasing raw materials in large quantities or at discounted prices.

I don’t necessarily mean that you need to order in bulk. Instead, even if your order is small, there are many offline and online companies that will offer you this material at wholesale pricing.

Reducing waste is the second technique to reduce costs. Therefore, make an effort to prevent leaving significant chunks of the material you cut using a Cricut.

For instance, only use the amount necessary to ensure a precise yet clean cut while cutting cloth, leather, canvas, felt, or paper. Wastage results in financial loss and much lower profits.

5. Take Orders for Cricut Crafts

Finally, I advise you to accept orders for products manufactured with a Cricut. You can promote your services both online and offline. By putting some products made with a Cricut on display, you can advertise on Amazon for nothing. The same can be done on Facebook Marketplace, Etsy, or Shopify marketplaces.

Utilizing word-of-mouth advertising is the best course of action for offline orders. Tell your neighbors, friends, and family that you make crafts with a Cricut, and ask them to tell their friends about you.

You can provide your own pricing when creating customized items for orders. This does not need you to remove the posts for the typical items you sell online. It simply means that you will charge more for customized goods than for your standard products.


While utilizing Cricut is straightforward and earning money with it is also not difficult, you must be careful to avoid copyright breaches. This means that you need to register the copyright for your designs with the local authority.

Additionally, it requires staying away from online images and graphics. If a client requests them or if you like them, you can purchase and use designs. Try these five Cricut money-making steps to create a passive income stream.

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