How to Sell Feet Pics Online to Make Money?

You did read that correctly. We will discuss How to Sell Feet Pics Online For Money in this article.

Do you take good care of and maintain the beauty of your feet? No, I’m not referring to unpleasant foot odour or smelly feet, which none of us want.

Instead, I’m referring to feet that look amazing in photos and would draw attention. If the answer is yes, you are one of the few Americans who truly takes care of their feet. And you’re fortunate because you can sell pictures of your feet and make a tonne of money.

Reasons to Sell Feet Pics Online

You can make money by selling pictures of your feet for a number of reasons. In actuality, some motives are odd, if not downright stupid. Regardless, selling photos of feet as a side business is very successful today.

Excellent Foot Pics Are Rare

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This might come as a shocker, but beautiful photographs of feet are pretty hard to find nowadays. Although about 25% of all the bones in our body function in the feet, this is a sobering reality.

The American Podiatric Medical Association claims that despite being vital to our overall health, our feet are among the body parts that are most frequently neglected. According to the APMA, eight out of ten adults encounter foot problems as a result of overuse, foot injuries, and applying too much pressure to our feet.

Due to this, most people are reluctant to show their feet in public or even at home, let alone for the purpose of producing and marketing photographs.

Here is where you can meet the need.

Significant Demand for Feet Pics

For those of you who don’t know, there is a tremendous market for Feet Pics of those wonderful, curved ankles and feet. This widespread “foot fetish” is a secret carnal fantasy shared by millions of both men and women. meaning that individuals find pictures of feet and actual feet to be sexually appealing.

Then there are big businesses that just produce accessories and foot care items like cream, stockings, socks, and sole grips. Due to the unique components and resources used in their production, these goods are relatively pricey. These businesses need foot photos for use on their advertising materials and product packaging.

Additionally, website owners and bloggers hire freelancers to take feet photos for their articles and blog posts from a variety of sources.

Excellent feet pics that are sold by people like you and me are also used in the advertisements for manicurists and pedicurists that you see all over.

Selling Feet Pictures is Superb Side Gig

We must have a second job in this day and age, especially one that is online. The Covid-19 pandemic is decimating both small and large businesses, resulting in a severe unemployment problem. Over 51 million Americans had requested unemployment benefits from the federal government by July 2020. Therefore, having a second job may be able to help you get over a cash crunch.

The pandemic also emphasises how crucial working online is. Selling pics of feet is something that can only be done online. Even when you are sleeping, it helps you produce money. Selling photos of feet requires no actual financial outlay; all you need is a good camera and a computer with access to the Internet. If your smartphone has a good camera, even an Internet connection will be sufficient.

How Can I Sell Feet Pics in 2022?

Your interest in selling feet photos may be piqued by the three factors I mentioned above. If so, check out this comprehensive tutorial on how to market photos of feet.

Sell feet pics on websites that sell feet photos

You might be surprised to learn that there are multiple websites dedicated to buying and selling pictures of feet. In order to sell photos on these websites, you must be at least 18 years old.


By selling photos of their feet on, you may connect with thousands of other ladies who also make incredible amounts of money online. In a sense, you are the vendor in this marketplace, and the customer is the individual who wants to see photographs of your feet.

On a membership basis, operates. By levying a tiny subscription fee, you as a seller can entice customers to sign up for your marketplace. Most merchants like you often charge a monthly membership fee of $10 to $15. actually advises you to maintain membership costs cheap in order to draw in more customers.

When you upload foot pics on, these members receive an email. They can view the feet photos and place orders. The price will be decided by the buyer and you. For instance, you would have to sell the entire collection and might ask a lot of money if the buyer wanted their own copy of the photos of your feet.

Regarding who is permitted to sell foot photographs, is quite selective. You must be at least 18 years old to qualify, and lying won’t help because every vendor is screened by their representatives. In other words, you will receive a call from one of their agents who will verify your credentials and make sure you’re only selling photos of your foot.


Try if you need money fast and want to sell photos of your feet. The biggest feature of this website is that it will directly purchase your photos for a good price and sell them to customers. However, since is paying you in advance without taking into account the possibility that no customers would view your feet photographs after the entire waiting period, you could have to settle for a few dollars less.

Different procedures apply at You’ll have to complete their online membership application form and await a response. If you apply over the weekend, they typically respond after 72 hours or within a few days.

Create a captivating profile and upload a few unremarkable photos of yourself to draw in potential clients. Once your profile is entirely finished, start adding top-notch pictures of your feet.

This website also functions as a marketplace for you and the buyer. One special feature of is that you can also sell five-minute movies of your feet. For foot photos, they often pay $5 to $10, and more if you’re a professional model.


Monthly cash prizes ranging from $1,000 to $10,000 are given awarded by to its most active foot models. Additionally, they have a really appealing manner for you to pay for your foot pictures. Fill out an online form and wait for a response to join Usually, they answer within a day or two.

This website operates through subscriptions. In other words, customers must pay a yearly fee to become members. Every time you and other foot models post new pictures, they are updated. Additionally, offers users a live streaming service where they may view movies of your feet.

A wonderful feature of is the Facebook-like feature that enables customers to communicate directly with you as the seller. serves as a connecting point between you and the buyer rather than actually purchasing your foot pics. The buyer and you agree on the price for the photos and videos of your feet.

Sell pictures of feet on online stores

By starting your own marketplace, you can sell photos of your foot in second place. To a newbie, this could sound a bit challenging. But I assure you that it’s very easy. In reality, the majority of women who sell photographs of their foot on niche websites also run an online shop.


On the website, you may create an online store to sell photographs of feet. The most crucial thing to keep in mind in this situation is that foot photographs are not Etsy’s area of expertise. Instead, they focus on unique, handcrafted things. As a result, I advise using Etsy as one of your sales channels for foot pictures.

By sending some traffic from your membership on specialist websites for feet photos, you can sell photos of your feet through Etsy. Inform customers that you’re also on Etsy. You’ll need to make distinct portfolios of feet pics for the specialty websites and Etsy if you want to draw in more buyers. After all, you need to persuade customers that your market offers something distinct from the usual foot photo websites.

Many young women have discovered a great way to make money by selling photos of their feet on Etsy. They create tiny books with eight to twelve images apiece. Instead of those with photographs of feet, they market and sell them as exotic picture albums. No one will be able to protest to the sale of items that may not actually adhere to Etsy’s regulations for the sale of excellent handmade goods like paintings, sculptures, and other items.

5. Facebook Marketplace

Selling your photos of your feet on Facebook Marketplace is also a fantastic idea. Additionally, Facebook Marketplace is cost-free, which is wonderful news. On the other hand, Facebook Marketplace restricts your ability to sell to an area around you or where you now reside.

The best way to set up a Facebook Marketplace page is to first set up a standard page with a different name or the name you’ll use on websites that focus on feet pictures. You only need to be aware that Facebook may request identification documentation if they suspect your profile is a fraud.

While Facebook Marketplace only draws in local customers, you may spread the word about it to people all around the world by asking family and friends to share it on Facebook.

If you have sufficient followers on any of the niche websites that specialise in feet pictures and are earning enough money, there is a paid service called Facebook Business that is also excellent. You can sell photos along with live streaming and recording services of your feet through Facebook Business. Additionally, Facebook Business allows you to take payments using your PayPal account.

6. Straight to Businesses

Another option to make a lot of money is to sell images of your feet to businesses that produce socks, stockings, and other foot care goods. These businesses want photos of perfectly manicured feet that can speak volumes about their goods. Some of them will use you as a foot model, but others may actually invite you to appear in their commercials as a model.

You’ll need to put in some more work if you want to sell feet photographs to businesses directly. However, the money you’ll earn will definitely make the effort worthwhile.

Learn which advertising firms produce the advertisements for a manufacturer of foot care goods. They are those who employ foot models. Watching their YouTube channel is the most effective way to find these. Because advertising agencies seek to get recognition for a well-made advertisement, you can typically find the name of the company that created the advertisement.

7. Modelling Agencies

For the reasons I listed above, foot modelling is a huge industry. In fact, foot models earn thousands of dollars a year by appearing in print and online advertisements for jewellery shops, cosmetics manufacturers, and many other businesses. For instance, some of the most expensive kinds of skirts conceal the face of the model. Instead, they show the garment enveloping a wearer with attractive feet until just above the ankle.

Make a fantastic portfolio of expertly taken photos if you believe that your feet should be featured in an advertisement. On request, get in touch with modelling agencies and send them your portfolio. There are excellent odds that one of the modelling agencies would choose you for one of their upcoming advertisements.


With the aid of the software, you can create a network of fans. is a premium service, though, therefore only subscribers can access the material. On the app, you may make a profile and add some enticing images of your feet. You can charge a little subscription fee to anyone who want to watch movies and photos of your feet. Your ability to charge a subscription fee is limited to $5 per user.

Typically, there are three subscription plans that most foot models offer: basic, which allows subscribers to view a limited number of your foot photos as you upload new ones, and premium. There are two subscription levels: mid-level, where subscribers have restricted access to your feet photos and videos, and top-level, where subscribers have complete access to your feet photos and videos.

Additionally, can offer live streaming services while charging a pay per watch fee.

9. Paid YouTube Content

The biggest video-sharing website in the world, YouTube, started allowing channel owners to charge $4.99 per month for access to exclusive content in 2018. This implies that you can make a free YouTube channel and only make it available to subscribers who want to view your feet videos.

You’ll need professionally produced videos with at least five to ten minutes that are interestingly detailed to deliver this type of material. Some of these channels offer advice on pedicures and other foot care techniques, while others show the model walking barefoot in various settings.

10. Make postal stationery and postage stamps

Hold your breath: designing stamps and stationery with your feet as the subject and selling them may sound really bizarre. But believe me when I say that it is absolutely possible to do so. How? Continue to read.

You can design postage stamps, postcards, and envelopes with any image of your choice thanks to a tool provided by the United States Postal Service (USPS). The same is true for photos of your feet, provided they aren’t offensive or disgusting in character.

Click on this link to create postage stamps, postcards, and envelopes using a photo of your foot. The USPS website provides instructions on how to upload photos, buy postage stamps, and receive them.

You can market these goods using a Facebook account or offer them for sale on Etsy and other online stores. Since they are collector’s items, there will undoubtedly be many picky buyers.

In reality, you can submit some of these to advertising agencies and a few businesses who need feet models. They would undoubtedly enjoy the new idea of using postage stamps, postcards, and business envelopes with pictures of your feet to advertise their goods.

11. Stock Photo Websites

There are a number of trustworthy stock photo websites that are owned by very large companies like Adobe and Google. If you’re ready to put in the work, these offer an excellent platform for selling foot pictures. In fact, a wide range of individuals and organisations frequent these websites in quest of the excellent images they need for any purpose.

The top five stock photo marketplaces where you can sell Feet Pics are listed below.

  • Join as a Contributor to sell fantastic foot photos.
  • You can take pictures of your feet and upload them for sale to websites and applications operated by iStock Photos and Getty Images.
  • One of the most well-known websites for anyone looking to purchase photographs of all kinds is Adobe Stock.
  • Shutterstock: A pioneer in the industry of stock photographs, they receive a lot of traffic from those looking for various types of images.
  • Another well-known website for buying and selling stock photos, including images of your feet, is

Before you start selling or submitting photos of feet to any of these stock photo websites or others, consider the following advice.

The first thing to know is that these websites charge a commission on every sale. This implies that you might only receive between 30% and 50% of the sum you initially quoted for the photos of your feet. Learn how to price them appropriately to earn as much money as you can.

Second, stock photographs can be sold in three different ways.

One option is to sell the entire stock for a one-time, lump sum payment of money. By giving up your copyright in this instance, the photos become the buyer’s legal property. Since the owner now has the sole right to utilise these photos, such a deal nets you a sizable profit.

The second way is by renting you some of a stock of photos in exchange for a fee. This permits the purchaser to use your foot images for a predetermined period of days or months prior to making a royalty payment. If you have a lot of feet photographs to upload and few purchasers, this technique will work best for you. The image’s copyrights are always yours to keep.

The third is by granting unrestricted usage of the photos to purchasers. It’s similar to an open basket. Customers that pay your fee on the stock photo website can download whatever they want. If you want to reach more people at a reduced cost, this approach is appropriate. You still own the copyright under this method.

12. Sell Facebook Covers/ Wallpapers

There was a time when we had to pay for a Facebook cover or that amazing computer background. However, it is history today that many websites allow users to design free Facebook covers or wallpapers. Naturally, making good ones involves some imagination.

In addition, these are those who will spend money on a Facebook cover and computer wallpaper if it is both exclusive and suitable for their needs. Create and market Facebook cover photos and wallpapers featuring your foot for these individuals. In fact, you may make quick videos of your feet for Facebook covers that affluent customers will appreciate.

You might be wondering where to sell the ones with your foot photos given the abundance of websites offering free Facebook cover pictures and computer wallpaper. The solution is very straightforward: by setting up your own marketplace on Shopify, Etsy, Zazzle, or another similar website.

The truth is that anyone who purchases your foot photos may quickly create a Facebook cover photo or computer wallpaper. As a result, you’ll need to create these Facebook covers and backgrounds using incredibly unique and hard-to-find pictures of your feet.

13. Snapchat Subscription Service

Millions of people use the free Snapchat app to share instant photos all over the world. Additionally, Snapchat offers a Premium account that enables you to charge users for access to your content.

Having both a general and premium Snapchat account is the best strategy for growth. Send pictures of your feet to a large audience inside and outside of the US. Snapchat’s default settings restrict picture sharing to contacts exclusively. You can alter the settings, though, so that everyone can see the pictures of your feet.


On the social media website, you can act as an influencer as well as buy and sell premium material. Their premium membership comes with a little monthly price. In addition, is a platform where you may find a lot of sophisticated consumers who will pay highly for your foot pics.

This is how it goes: Join’s Pay to View profile feed service. It enables subscriber-only private sharing of your profile and foot photos. is the best place to sell your foot photos for a quick profit. To maintain and increase the number of subscribers, you’ll need to produce photographs and videos of your foot on a regular basis.

15. LinkedIn Posts

You might scoff at the notion of getting money by selling Feet Photos on a professional networking website. If you do the easy procedures I’ll outline in this paragraph, I can guarantee you that it is possible. Additionally, your business is kept private.

Make a LinkedIn profile and identify yourself as a model of feet. Write a fantastic explanation about modelling feet, then upload stunning pics of your feet to the “Post” area. Include a detailed description of your foot in the post along with the photo.

The annual salary of a LinkedIn user is around $46,544. Your posts that include foot photos are visible to everyone on LinkedIn. They can always check your profile and look for a connection if there is someone out there who loves them for whatever reason and wants more. Pictures of your feet may later be sold privately.

16. Also Use Craigslist

You probably already know that Craigslist is a website where you can post free classified advertising. Even though this isn’t really a website where you can get people to buy photos of foot, many ladies are using it successfully for the same purpose. and earning money as well.

Why? Because not everyone with a foot fetish can afford to purchase Feet Photos from niche websites and stock photo services. They search for less expensive options. And Craigslist is absolutely the spot for anyone that wants to acquire items at lesser costs.

Create a brief classified ad on Craigslist to promote your feet photos since there is no scarcity of services and goods you may list. Never give out your phone number. Instead, give a straightforward email ID that you can make on Gmail or another platform.

On Craigslist, every seller and buyer typically haggle over the price. Therefore, be prepared to participate in some email haggling to sell photographs of feet. Accept payments using PayPal to maintain your privacy.

17. Instagram Business

Instagram Business is the premium version of Google’s well-known photo and video sharing platform. You can set up a fans’ club, an Instagram business page, and an Instagram profile without ads.

Get leads by showcasing a handful of your foot photos on Instagram. Send them to your Instagram business page so they can purchase prints of your feet there.

But before you join the Instagram craze, a word of advice. It can take a very long time to sell feet pictures on Instagram Business. As a result, I advise you to just utilise it as a backup or second channel to the others I mentioned previously.

How to sell feet pics without getting scammed?

Now that you are aware of 14 incredible ways to earn money by selling Foot pics, a word of caution is also in order. Selling Foot pics online is susceptible to scammers, just like any other online company. The most typical of them is retailing your feet photos for more money after you’ve sold them for less.

Here, con artists will approach you from a legitimate website offering feet pictures and haggle over the price. In reality, a group of con artists will offer lower prices to trick you into accepting the highest offer, thinking that’s the best you’ll get. These con artists then upload and charge you for photos of your feet.

The second con covers several methods for selling foot photos. Potential clients will call you and purchase a few simple items to win your trust. They’ll make a larger buy later and then leave without paying anything.

Additionally, although many foot models do it, posting photographs of yourself online with your face and other facial features isn’t really a good idea. The reason is that people who have feet fetishes or other similar fetishes may stalk, follow, or otherwise harass you online.

Therefore, the easiest approach to sell feet photographs online is to only use legitimate websites, and before sending the pictures, make sure the money is in your bank account. Giving credit isn’t always the best course of action in this industry.

Earnings from Selling Photos of Feet

This brings up a crucial query: How much money can you actually make by selling foot photos? You may have heard rumours of ladies who make up to $100,000 a year selling pictures of their feet. These may be unique circumstances. As a result, it’s possible that you’ll never reach this sum.

Realistically, selling feet pics can bring in $200 to $3,000 a year, or possibly even more. People who have foot fetishes are the top consumers of photos of feet.

If you’re fortunate enough to land a position as a feet model with a modelling or advertising agency, you’ll have struck it rich. Depending on the sort of ads and employer, you might make anywhere from $2,000 per month to almost $60,000 per year in these situations.

You might earn about $36,000 a year as a foot care product influencer on Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, and other sites.

Point to Remember

Your earnings from selling photos of your feet are taxed. Or at the very least, you must disclose it while filing tax taxes. Therefore, when filing tax claims and benefits, be sure to specify the amount. Income concealment is prohibited by tax regulations.

This is due to the fact that selling photos of feet is considered a side business or part-time occupation. This implies that the income must be reported in addition to your primary salary or compensation. The same tax laws apply to students who want to sell photos of their feet.

Who Sells Feet Pics?

Regarding who may sell feet pics, there are no strict guidelines. In general, it can be anyone who has perfect feet and takes great care of this important component of our feeble human bodies. LGBT people have started purchasing and trading foot photos in recent years.

Conclusion : Sell Feet Pics Online

Selling feet pics has two advantages for you. The first benefit is obvious: you earn money from a variety of sources. The second is that you also pick up the habit of taking particularly good care of your feet, which is something most people overlook. Try one of these techniques to benefit both your feet and yourself.

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