How to Sell Digital Products Without a Website to Make Money?

In this Article we will learn how to automatically sell digital products without a website using Razorpay and Google drive.

What are the websites used for selling the digital products ?




Google Drive

For selling digital products without a website, we are  going to work with four apps here Razorpay. Google drive as well as Gmail and Pabbly.

If a payment is made on Razorpay a file that is present in our google drive should be shared to the customer who has made the purchase on his Gmail account.

Steps to sell digital products without a website

  1. Choose the digital product you wanted to sell to the people
  2. Create a Google account if you don’t have an already existing account
  3. Open Google drive on your Google account
  4. Upload the digital file to the Google drive which you wanted to sell
  5. Signup on Razorpay though which you can collect the money for sales
  6. On successful signup on Razorpay – Go to Payment Pages -> Create Payment Page -> Product Sale
  7. Now Set up your listing for the digital product and also the price for the product
  8. Now signup on Pabbly and create your account
  9. After successful creation of account click on create workflow
  10. Follow the video instructions to clearly setup everything and sell your first product

In the same way you can implement this for multiple payment gateways like Paypal, Stripe and many other payment gateways.

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