How To Get Paid To Listening To Music ? 13 Ways

One of the most common multitasking hobbies is listening to music. You might be shocked to find that you can get paid to listen to music, though.

The most lucrative alternatives for music fans combine the hobby with another job, such as bartending, being a delivery driver, or working from home, but some websites will pay you to listen to tunes.


Here are the top ways to get money while enjoying music. Websites that reward users for listening to music

You can use a few websites that will pay you to listen to music. You did read that correctly. You can earn money just by checking out a fresh playlist.

Check out the sites below if you’re searching for a chance to mix up your playlist and make some additional money.

1. Earnest

On the website Earnably, you can get paid for doing activities. Watching music videos and responding to surveys are two of these chores.

You’ll begin to build up points as you listen. When you have accumulated enough points, you can use PayPal to exchange them for gift cards, wallet codes, and cash.

To redeem your rewards, you must have at least 225 points. The amount here is equal to $2.

You can invite friends and family to join Earnably, which is an intriguing option. You will receive 10% of all points they earn for life if they signup using your link.

Many people are satisfied with their choice to utilise Earnably, which has a stellar Trustpilot rating.

Unknown, but probably up to a few bucks per month in earnings

2. Present Benefits

Another app with a respectably high Trustpilot rating is Current Rewards. It provides the opportunity to make money while enjoying music.

The app has specially selected radio stations for different musical genres. Through this app, you may listen to everything from reggae music to classical music. You will accrue points when you tune in to the stations.

You can exchange your points for free gift cards or PayPal cash once you reach a sufficient number. You may make up to $600 a year if you use the app frequently enough.

But infrequent listeners will make less money than this maximum amount.

Potential income range of up to $600 year

3. Push Playlist

Playlist Push gives skilled curators the chance to increase the audience for their playlists. Making the ideal playlists is something you might enjoy, so try it out.

Your playlist can have a certain vibe even though it cannot be limited to music from a specific decade.


You must have a Spotify public playlist in order to use Playlist Push. Additionally, curators must meet the platform’s requirements for active listeners. Each playlist needs at least 1,000 followers.

The challenging element is becoming eligible for Playlist Push. You’ll then be compensated for writing music reviews.

Depending on the tune, you could make up to $15 per song. Your bank account receives a direct transfer of the monies.

A high Trustpilot rating suggests that the majority of users are satisfied with this platform.

Potential income range: $15 per song

4. Slicethepie

A website called Slicethepie will pay you for your musical judgments.

You’ll get the music to review when you use the website. You’ll get paid for each review you submit.

You will typically receive $10 for each review. But if your review is excellent, you might get paid more.

You can ask PayPal to process a cash-out request once you’ve made at least $10.

Slicethepie allows you to review music as well as apparel and other products. The website claims that customers have made over $7 million by writing reviews.

With a good Trustpilot rating, you shouldn’t anticipate any problems with money collection.

Potential income range: approximately 10 cents per review.

5. Cash4Moments

You receive payment from Cash4Minutes for making calls. You’ll listen to online radio programs while on the phone. You’ll be able to hear music in this indirect way.

You will receive benefits for listening while using your unused phone minutes. You have the option to withdraw your money when you’re ready using PayPal, a bank transfer, Bitcoin, or a charitable donation.

Cash4Minutes does provide a chance to make money while listening to music, despite the fact that it is a more challenging strategy. This opportunity merits investigation because of the Trustpilot rating, which is above average.

Unknown, but probably up to a few bucks per month in earnings

Additional Ways to Make Money Taking in Music

Even if you only listen to music, you can still earn money. It’s more profitable to combine music listening with another money-making venture, though.

Let’s look at some of the jobs that let you listen to your favorite music while working.

6. Bartend

You can serve drinks while listening to your favorite music as a bartender.

Of course, you’ll need to locate a bar whose atmosphere matches your musical preferences. But in most cities, that’s undoubtedly an option.

Although you’ll probably be paid by the hour, bartending is more appealing due to the possibility of tips. Your earning potential on a busy night can astound you if you have excellent bartending abilities and a positive attitude.

Potential income range: $8 to $30 or more each hour

7. Driver of Deliveries

You essentially live alone if you work as a delivery driver. Although you’ll be moving about town in a car, you’ll have full control over the music.

A mini-concert during delivery trips might make the entire evening more fun. Furthermore, the pizza in your rear seat doesn’t mind if you sing along to your favorite tune.

Why not use the seclusion that comes with this profession to listen to your favorite music?

Potential income range: $8 to $27 per hour

8. DJ

Being a DJ can be a fantastic fit for you if you enjoy selecting the ideal tunes to set the ideal ambiance. A decent ear, an adequate sound equipment, and a substantial music library are essential.


By notifying friends and relatives about your service, you may begin to promote it. If you perform a good job, word will eventually get out that you are a competent DJ ready for any event.

When most events are in full swing on the weekends, be prepared to take on this gig then.

Of course, you’ll need to take the client’s needs into account. But include a few of your own faves won’t hurt.

Potential income range: $29 per hour

9. Travel to Lyft or Uber

The majority of their time is spent behind the wheel as rideshare drivers. You have the choice to turn up your favorite songs rather than ride in silence.

Listening to your favourite playlist while driving for long periods of time could help you get through the day.

Every now and then, you may even pick up a customer who enjoys the same genre of music, turning a routine Uber ride into a jam session.

Even better, this position allows you to set your own hours, making it a fantastic choice if you need flexibility.

Potential income range: $15 to $25 per hour

10. Begin a musical podcast.

Do you enjoy discussing music and playing your personal favorites? The finest of both worlds can be combined by starting a music podcast.

A music podcast can be formatted however you choose. However, one choice is to offer reviews of your most recent musical discoveries.

Naturally, growing a podcast’s audience is no easy task. However, if you strike the appropriate chord with the music industry, it might be a successful prospect.

Potential income range: $0 to $100,000 annually

11. Online surveys

Many survey websites will compensate you for your input. These websites’ sign-up procedures are not too complicated. Additionally, the surveys are frequently quick to complete.

Nobody is preventing you from using your preferred playlist as you fill out questionnaires. In fact, jamming out might help you quickly take advantage of a number of opportunities.

Even while you might not make much money through online surveys, having a few more dollars in your spending plan might allow you to indulge.

Potential income range: Variable

12. Perform Record Store Work

Do you enjoy vinyl records more than other types of music? Your soul may find some measure of solace in a record store.

You might get the chance to play your favorite music for store patrons as you assist them.

The majority of record shops sell used vinyl. This might be a good approach to scoring unusual treasures if you’re building out a collection.

If your town is fortunate enough to have a record shop, think about applying for a position there.

Potential income range: $8 to $50 per hour

13. Occupations Available at Home

There are many jobs available at home. A variety of jobs that cover many industries and skill sets are available. There are remote employment opportunities available for everyone, whether they wish to work for themselves or a large corporation.

One benefit of working from home is that you can choose how you want your workspace to look. You can use that to listen to your favorite music.

You won’t have to put up with your coworker’s irritating radio station anymore. You can make musical decisions in your own home instead.

Potential income range: $0 to over $100,000 annually

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