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Want to share your Financial insights and knowledge with larger audience? Way2Wealth provides wonderful opportunity for outside contributors to publish their guest post with us. The Way2Wealth Team welcomes well-researched guest posts / articles from new as well as experienced writers.

Way2Wealth is looking for creative writers and bloggers who can produce high-quality content! Professional writers and editors, as well as passionate wordsmiths with experience in personal finance, money making strategies, knowledge on creating passive income sources, financial skills and knowledge, are encouraged to write for us. This is an amazing opportunity for the bloggers to get noticed and reach larger audience with your content.

We have two types of writing opportunities at Way2wealth including paid freelance articles and unpaid guest articles.

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Why write guest posts for us?

Although you probably know why guest posts are a great idea here’s a quick summary of how you can benefit from becoming a contributor on Way2Wealth Platform.

  • You can share your ideas, thoughts and expertise with 1000s of people that visit our site every day
  • You can tell people about your company and promote your brand or promote your own website and affiliates
  • You can get quality links to your own website which increases your Domain Authority and Page Authority and also provides high quality backlinks
  • You can establish contact with valuable writers & editors that do guest posting on our platform
  • You can also become a freelance paid article writer to earn revenue share for the posts that you have submitted by joining our “Write and Earn” program

What kind of content should you submit?

That is the important part of our guest post guidelines. Our site focuses on a specific range of topics so please make sure you read these submission guidelines carefully. We won’t be accepting guest posts that don’t meet the requirements listed below.

Way2Wealth writes primarily about personal finance, but we also accept interesting and engaging guest posts about other types of software and various online services and platforms related to financial topics and solutions.

We are particularly interested in:

  • Small Business Finance
  • Make Money / Money Management / Financial Management
  • Creation of Passive Income Streams
  • Investing Tips and Opportunities
  • Small Business Management
  • Revenue Generation Ideas
  • Employment Trends / Careers
  • Small Business Marketing
  • Wealth Creation Ideas
  • Sales
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Trends
  • Money Saving Hacks
  • Technology Trends
  • New Small Business Ideas
  • How To Guides
  • Small Business News
  • Top 10 Trends
  • Small Business Lists

How long should your guest post be?

We have no strict limit on the length of the articles that we publish on our platform. Just make it as long as it should be. That being said most of our posts tend to have between 1000 and 3000 words. Anything less and the post is usually not detailed enough. But if your content is engaging and unique then we will definitely post it on our website even if it is less than 1000 words.

Do we have any guest post quality guidelines?

We do have certain guidelines for publishing a blog. First of all, if you want to add a guest post it must be original content that was not previously published elsewhere. Secondly, make sure it’s about something new that wasn’t already covered by dozens of other sites and authors. We are looking for unique, inspiring ideas and topics that will engage our readers. Using recent and unique information in your article is also a key factor.\

Apart from these here are some of the guidelines to follow while submitting a post :

  • Guest post submissions should be at-least 800 words inorder to have a better chance of getting published.
  • Include a creative title, relevant subheadings, bullets, and numbers where appropriate to ensure easy and organised readability.
  • Cite and link all data, facts, quotes, charts, tables, etc to the original source.
  • Use Original images or Copyright free images and charts with high resolution (300 dpi) in .jpeg, or .png format.
  • Your guest post must be original, and not previously published online or in print. The content must be 100% unique; any violation of copyrighted material will not be tolerated.

Why Your Blog Post Got Rejected?

We have a team of quality editors at Way2Wealth who read your blog posts thoroughly and make any necessary minimal changes to make sure that your post gets published on our site but in some cases we might have to reject the posts for the following reasons :

  • Previously published content, please submit your own original work.
  • Posts covering topics which already covered on the blog.
  • Posts that do not provide any useful and meaningful insights.
  • Offensive or inaccurate posts.

How to Boost Your Post Views ?

  • Create an SEO Friendly post.
  • Share it on your social media accounts like Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.
  • Let your friends and connections know about your post.
  • Share it on your special channels like university groups, communities, etc.

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